• Supported Living:

    Supported living is all about providing individualised support to enable you to live in your own home. You may choose to live with one or more other people and you may choose to buy your home or rent from the council, a housing association or a private landlord.

    We can provide advice, or support you to look at what options might be available and also to provide a comprehensive, person centred service to enable you to manage any aspects of living in your own home, meet any care needs you might have and to enable you to access places in the community.

    Supported living gives you choice and control over the support you receive and the way you live your life.

    Supported Living
  • Community Outreach Support:

    Community outreach support is support that usually enables you to do something specific outside of your home.

    You might live with parents, or carers but need some extra support, or want to do something with someone more your own age or with similar interests. This could include support to do things like going to college, doing hobbies, going on a trip somewhere or going on a holiday. You might choose to do something by yourself, or with others

    – we can also try to help you meet new friends to do things with. This support can be provided regularly, occasionally or even as a one-off and we can support anyone aged 16 years and older.

    ommunity Outreach
  • Domiciliary Support:

    This is support that is mainly provided in your home to enable you to manage any aspect of daily living. This might include things like support to budget/pay bills, help with cooking and cleaning or support to get up and have a shower.

    We can support people with taking medicine if needed but are unable to do any nursing care tasks (although we can help arrange this).

    Domiciliary Support
  • Residential Care:

    Our residential service, Hyde Park House, is able to offer long-term accommodation and support, or enable you to move from a higher level of support, to less support and eventually into a supported living setting if you so wish.

    Hyde Park House has a relaxed homely atmosphere and offers individually tailored support. People are able to access a wide variety of in-house and community based facilities and activities to suit their personal preferences.

    The semi-independent flat provides opportunities to find out what it is like to be a tenant and develop the skills you will need when moving into your house or flat in the future.

    Residential Care

All support is provided by our friendly, well trained and committed staff teams – and you will have the opportunity to get involved in choosing your own staff.

People receiving a regular support package from IntegraCare also benefit from our 24 hour emergency on-call service which can provide advice over the phone or 24 hour support in an emergency.